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250V 380V 4A 10A Waterproof Float Switch

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Product Details

CAY Float Switch series

Simple construction of float switch, reliable performance
The product can output stable and reliable switch control signal of "of making", breaking "without any fault action, so its reliability is very high and anti-interferance is strong.
Sturdy and durable, need not maintain
The float switch can be used for a long time after it being installed. Almost no maintananceand repairing problem would occur during its operation period.
Easy installation method, convenient adjustment method
The liquid level control scope can be adjusted at will with the locating piece moving up and down. Only one screw is needed to secure the signal cable finish installation.
Wide application scope, strong generality
The float switch applies to branch water, sewage acid-base solution of less than medium concentration, oils and situations requiring no pollution (for example food and drinks industry), diesel oil gasification kitchen range, and automatic fuel feeding.
Simple circuit, economical and practical
Operation voltage is 200V, and current can be up to 10A. The applied circuit of the product is simple, so application cost is very low.
Instructions for installation
May be used for direct level control. In accordance with product electrical specifications. In the case of approved products, the ground wire will always be included and the ground wire sheath will always be yellow/green. In this case, this two remaining wires are supplied for "high closure" or, specific request, "low closure".
Electrical connections
Use wires: "Black" and "Blue" with these contacts, the regulator closes when down/opens when up. The wire that is not used must be correctly insulated.


Micro switch

10(8)A 250V~10(4)A 380V

Switch currency

+++≥ 50 000switch workings tested by VDE specialisation

Protective connection

T 70U



Max. Temperature

70° C

Working pressur

Max. 1bar

Circuit breaking capacity

Directly KW with 250V


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