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250~600V 0.5~100A Fuse Links

Welcome to wholesale the low price and high quality 250~600v 0.5~100a fuse links with CHANGAN GROUP. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of various low voltage electrical apparatus in China. And the free sample and the customized service are also available. 250~600V 0.5~100A...

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Cylindrical/Screw Base Type Fuse Links

Protection against overload and short circuit in electric lines (type gG), also available for protection of semiconductor parts and equipments against short circuit (type aR) and protection of motors (type aM).
Rated voltage up to 660V; Rated current up to 125A; Working frequency 50Hz AC; Rated capacity up to 100KA. Compliant with GB13539 and IEC60269.

Variable cross-section fuse element made from pure metal sealed in cartridge made from high-duty ceramic or epoxy glass. Fuse tube filled with chemically treated high purity quartz sand arc-extinguishing medium. Dot-welding of fuse element ends to the caps ensures reliable electric connection; Striker may beat ached to the fuse link to provide immediate activation of micro-switch to give various signals or cut the circuit automatically.


Overall and Installation Dimension