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Working principle of air circuit breaker
- Dec 29, 2016 -

Air switch or circuit breaker, which connected in the circuit, breaking and load operating current, and in the circuit and motor overload, short circuit, undervoltage under reliable protection. Circuit breakers of the static and dynamic contact and parallel bar design, using short circuit of electro-dynamic repulsion force to make static and dynamic contact disconnect, high breaking capacity, limiting performance is strong. Short, static contact aromatic insulation around gas and cools the arc function, arcing distance to zero. Circuit breaker arc-quenching Chamber using a metal gate structures, contact system with a repulsive force limiting mechanism, therefore, circuit breakers with high breaking capacity and limited capacity have double releaser. Inverse-time action bimetal Strip heat bending release action, instant action when iron core Street driven release action. Release methods are dynamic, electromagnetic and thermal compound release 3. Air switch within the more sophisticated, the principle is very simple, it into the cable outlet series between a 10 and 20 laps of the inductor, current enough suction driven mechanical lever action protection.